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Lifting And Repairing Your Concrete Slabs

Serving: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, And All Of Hampton Roads.

What We Do

What You Need To Know About Slab Rescue

Generally speaking, we provide concrete lifting (Foamjection) and crack repair services. Also, we service a wide range of clients. Such as, home owners for residential properties and commercial businesses. With this in mind, we also service government organizations, and property management groups. Our skilled professionals can make repairs not only to settled slabs. But also, trip hazards, patios and pool decks. We not only strive to educate our customers about Slab Rescue. But also, to be transparent with them.


Sunken slabs only get worse. Lift and stabilize your driveway to prevent tripping hazards or more expensive repairs in the future.


Trip hazards can be costly. Fix uneven sidewalks to prevent accidents including trip and falls of occupants or guests.

Pool Decks

Pools are expensive! Failure of subsoil under pool decks is common, fill the voids and lift the pads of concrete before they interfere with the coping and pool structure resulting in more substancial costs.

Commercial Applications

Slab Rescue is well prepared for large scale projects. Partnered with engineers and equipment suppliers, no one is better suited for completing your project in a timely manner.

About Slab Rescue employee lifting a sidewalk with polyurethane.

Experts in Slab Lifting

Generally speaking, concrete lifting and repair is a tricky business. It not only takes a lot of experience. But also, skill to do it correctly. With this in mind, if it’s not done right, the results can be disastrous. Equally important, at Slab Rescue we have over 4 years of experience lifting and repairing concrete. Not to mention, we have over 20 years of concrete installation under our belts. We not only understand the limits to our solution. But also, will ensure your expectations are within our capabilities.

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About Slab Rescue and Our Core Values


At Slab Rescue, LLC., we believe in family. In fact, we treat all of our customers and neighbors as if they were our own family. Equally important, we offer straightforward, honest pricing and communicate with our customers every step of the way. We not only take pride in our attention to detail. But also, make sure the job is done right. We’re here to help our neighbors, friends, and family repair their concrete in the most affordable way.

Flexible Schedule

At Slab Rescue, LLC., we understand that your time is important. For this reason, we offer a number of contactless installation and quoting options. For the purpose of making the process as convenient for you as possible. We’re also happy to work around your schedule. In order, to ensure that the repairs to your home are conducted in a timely manner.


Concrete lifting and repairs don’t have to be expensive. Equally, Slab Rescue can make repairs to your concrete for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. In fact, the cost of repairing is normally half of the cost of replacing. Moreover, we don’t have minimum job costs for small repairs.

Special Offer

Slab Rescue often has special pricing for certain projects. Projects that are not only both large. But also for the small ones too. We also offer ways to earn discounts to make repairs more affordable. Make sure to ask about our digital Friend and Family discount to save 10% off your next repair.

About Slab Rescue and Our Mission

Our mission at Slab rescue, LLC. is to make lifting and leveling concrete affordable. We understand that not everyone can afford to have their concrete replaced. For this reason, we offer an alternative to traditional methods. We not only strive for 100% satisfaction in our work. But also, want our customers to feel like family. Once you realize the benefits and savings of our services, we hope you’ll be happy to leave positive feedback and referrals.

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